Visiting The Calgary Science Center
Is An Educational Experience Disguised As Plain Old Fun

Observatory Exterior

The Calgary Science Center uses an entertaining ,

interactive approach to teach about the world of science.

A visit to the the center is an educational experience disguised as plain old fun.

Through a combination of exhibits, shows, demonstrations, films, classes, and programs,

the facility uses an entertaining, interactive approach to teach both

the young and the young-at-heart about the world of science.

Calgary Science Center

Formerly known as the Calgary Science Centre, the charitable organization

granted naming rights to Telus, a Canadian telecommunications company,

in exchange for a pledge of nine million dollars in 2005  and has been re-named

The Telus World of Science.

Since then, the former Science Center has made good use of its resources, building a new Creative Kids Museum in an adjoining lot and breaking ground for an expansion project.

In this multi-media theater, science lessons hit the big screen, with enhanced sound, computer graphics, slides, and motion-picture images lending star quality to the various presentations.

In Human Body, techniques such as thermal imagery and x-rays give the audience a super-sized view of the human body from the inside out.

The show unravels the mysteries of bodily processes in interesting ways, as when it takes viewers on a trip on a tomato from mouth to stomach.

For those who are not squeamish, Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure explores the lives of forty tropical insects, shown at a cringe-inducing magnification of 250,000.

There are numerous other films to watch, and groups can use the Choose Your Own Adventure option to schedule a particular show to coincide with their visits.

For those who prefer hands-on experiences, the former Calgary Science Center offers many interactive exhibits, such as the new Kidstuff, an exploration of classic toys from the sixties and seventies that includes a life-sized Chutes and Ladders game.

In Amazement Park, guests can engage in a variety of fun tasks, such as serving as a human bobsled or lifting a 320-kilogram globe with an 8-meter ruler.

The Demo Theater uses interactive demonstrations, activities, and movies to explain scientific discoveries and phenomena such as force, motion, magnetism, and electricity.

In the Lego® MindstormsTM Centre, a 45-minute facilitated program allows visitors to use a computer software system to create, program, and test a robot.

L19-Bow Lake Day 15.5

The aim of these activities is education, and in this spirit of learning the former Calgary Science Center also offers many courses and programs for various age groups.

These include astronomy classes for adults and science programs for schoolchildren or children’s groups.

Teachers or parents can register students for spring break camps, summer camps, Science Kidzzz Sleepovers, or any of the numerous offerings.

For all courses, exhibits, and activities, the former Calgary Science Center lists the appropriate age groups and the school curriculum requirements to which they relate.

Visitors can incorporate learning into a special occasion by renting a room for birthday parties or other functions, and the center hosts special events throughout the year.

The facility is open seven days a week, including most holidays, and the admission price for the former  Science Center includes access to the Creative Kids Museum, and vice versa.


Telus World of Science

in Calgary (formerly known as the Calgary Science center) will make you love science,

even if you never did before.

For more information, visit or call (403) 268-8300

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