There Are Many Calgary Charities
That You Can Devote Your Time To


Before I mention any specific Calgary charities you should get a feel of

the magnitude of this subject, in case you don't already know.

There ar local, regional, national and international charities by the score

As I researched the charities scene,I quickly realizes the enormity of this subject.

Let's have a brief look at just some of the charities you can help with

either your money or your time, or both.

There are

Religious Charities, Catholic, Jewish and so on...

Then there are specific charities for:

Down Syndrome,   Mental Illness, Hunger,   Homelessness,

Women in Need,  Handicapped,   Visually Impaired Children, Babies, Adolescents,

and even Disabled Anglers(in the UK)

We have not looked at Refugees,  Orphans,   Natural Disasters Victims and so on.

Now you can add charities for Horses and Dogs  and even  Global Warming.

You can see the scope of Calgary charities and it's hard to know where to start, isn't it?

Calgary charities help with funding for:

Food,  Education,  Clothing,  Professional Help and Vocational Training etc

They help Street People and Drug Addicts, and on it goes...

The charities also provide :

Emergency housing,   Street Clinics,   Hospitals,   Schools,   Crisis Centers,

Soup Kitchens,   Holding Centers,   Foster Care Programs   and so on.

From this preamble, you'll see the difficulty in providing you with adequate information about Calgary charities, but what follows is a sample.

Everyone knows about the usual Calgary charities, such as

The Salvation Army  and   The Red Cross.


So I'll bring your attention to four lesser known Calgary charities.

One of these you'll probably know about and two others are not as well known,

while the last one may be a bit of a surprise to see it as a charity.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

This is a mentoring program that puts Calgary youth in contact with mentors and guides who can help them navigate a very difficult time in their lives.

As a mentor, you can work with a child who is struggling at home and or at school and help them gain valuable coping skills and life skills to better deal with their problems.

Essentially, you are helping them take their first steps towards independence.

Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary

The Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary (SAS) was formed in 1989 to address the issues of young women involved in or at risk of becoming involved in the sex trade.

Prostitution is not the only issue; so often it comes with homelessness, substance abuse and violence, and SAS takes a complete approach towards addressing these problems by transitioning these women back into society and into a healthy life.

The SAS will happily take donations, but it sorely needs volunteers.

To contact SAS directly, send an email to: 

Parent Support Association of Calgary

The mission of the Parent Support Association of Calgary (PSA) is to support families that are undergoing conflict between its members.

This program teaches problem-solving strategies, and teaches awareness of the problem and in doing so, hopes to prevent escalation.

The PSA proposes that all families should have the opportunity to live safely with access to community resources.

There are many programs available, like peer support groups for those with young children or teens.

To contact the PSA, email them directly at 

Calgary Parks Foundation

If you have a dedication to nature and wildlife, head to the Calgary Parks Foundation to find out what you can do!

Calgary's waterways have created many lush river valleys that are teeming with wildlife and their contribution to the wildlife diversity of the local population is immeasurable.

Become a part of protecting and nurturing these river valleys, whether your focus is in education, land donation, development review, or reclamation!

To see what you can do, head to the Calgary Parks Foundation.

Not only will you find a great way to help out the environment of the very city you live in, you'll also have an opportunity to meet many of your dedicated and hard-working neighbors!

I hope that my choice of Calgary charities was of interest to you.

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