The Calgary Museum Of The Regiments
Is The Largest Of It's kind In Western Canada.

Blackhawk Tank

Blackhawk Tank

The Calgary Museum of the Regiments sparks interest before visitors even enter the facility,

in the form of vintage tanks, armored cars, and anti-tank guns displayed outside.

Over-sized statues and an eternal flame complete the outdoor scene,

and it all amount to a well deserved tribute to Canada’s military heritage,

and the entryway itself carries a bit of history.

Queen Elizabeth II opened the building in 1990, and after another royal visit in 2005

the entryway was renamed the Queen Elizabeth II Atrium.

Inside this regal space, the facility houses an impressive collection of

artifacts, archives, artwork, displays, memorabilia, and equipment

that focuses primarily on western Canadian military forces.

Located in southwest Calgary,

it is the largest military exhibition in Western Canada

and a strong force in educating the public about Alberta’s military past

and its importance in maintaining present and future security. 

World War II Tank

World War II Tank

Much of this lesson in military history centers on four Calgary regiments:

Lord Strathacona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Regiment,

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry,

the Calgary Highlanders, and the King’s Own Calgary Regiment.

In the Alberta Gallery, life-sized exhibits and interactive displays

tell the stories of the men and women who contributed to Canada’s war effort,

covering everything from late nineteenth-century conflicts to present-day peacekeeping missions.

Biographies and exhibits in this gallery also paint personalized portraits of

Canada’s aboriginal soldiers, providing insight into the lives of First Nation veterans

who played a part in Alberta’s military legacy. 



The archival collection represents a more intimate look into the hearts and minds of

Canada’s military workers, thanks to people who generously parted with their most treasured items.

Personal documents and memorabilia donated by service personnel and their families

demonstrate more about war’s profound effect on individual lives

than any amount of bare facts or statistics.

Photographs, letters, mementos, and other objects heavily laden with sentiment

relate the tale of Canada’s military past in the voices of those who lived through it.

The archival collection tracks the events surrounding conflicts dating from the Northwest Rebellion

up to and including present-day military actions.

In the Imperial Oil Gallery, these current military measures are the subject of a featured exhibit,

Waging Peace: Canada and the Price of Peacekeeping.

The presentation addresses the peacekeeping efforts that Canada has been involved

in since 1953, exploring the cost in human lives and suffering that goes hand in hand

with attempts to secure peace in extremely hostile nations.

The Imperial Oil Gallery offers exhibits on a rotating basis,

showcasing diverse topics at different times of the year.

Visitors who wish to explore these issues further may take advantage of

the museum’s extensive library and archives.

Holdings include general historical texts on warfare as well as accounts of

specific Canadian campaigns from the War of 1812 to the Afghanistan theatre.

The library contains fifty years of historical documentation regarding

veterans’ associations, military organizations, and peacekeeping agencies.

Manuals on military training and weaponry, military periodicals, and broadcasts to troops during the Second World War are also available in the library’s archives.

The Calgary Museum of the Regiments offers free basic research assistance,

charging a fee for more in-depth research.

The library’s holdings are searchable on-line through their library database.

Other museum offerings include lectures, book launches, summer youth adventure programs, children’s educational activities, and special events.

The museum is open to the public seven days a week, and its facilities are

also available for birthday parties or other private functions.

If you have questions about who or what helped to shape Canada’s past,

the Calgary Museum of the Regiments has some interesting answers.

For more information, visit

The Calgary Museum Of The Regiments.

or call (403) 974-2850.


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