Alberta's Oil Patch
Always Needs Workers.


The Alberta oil patch is probably the place where the shortage of skilled labor is most noticeable.

Life has never been any more exiting in Alberta than it is right now.

Optimism is high in all areas of business all over the province,

and for those who have any kind of skill at all,

there is a choice of employers and locations in the entire province.

Just pick and choose where you want to be, and apply.

That's all it takes to become a participant in the tremendous

wealth that's being created every day in this fabulous province.


Just read this article by Mike Byfield to get a better feeling

for what's happening in the tar sands.

This deals with the Petroleum Industry requirements and is helpful in

understanding the wages that are being paid for various types of work.

Of course this is only one segment of the labour requirements within the Petroleum Industry

and for those who do not feel particularly inclined to work in the oil patch directly,

I can assure you that you'll be able to find what you want in all areas of the province.

The tar sands and it's development has created labour shortages throughout the province

in all sectors of industry.

According to just one government of Alberta website there are currently

approximately 2600 positions available.

Here is a quote from a government document:

Over the next ten years, Alberta’s labor market is projected to grow by approximately 

607,000 workers at an annual average rate of 2.4%. A net increase of 492,000 workers 

is expected to join the labour force, as occupational supply increases at an annual rate 

of 1.9%. For the coming decade, Alberta could experience

labor shortage of approximately 114,000 workers.

And I believe it.

Sometimes the city of Calgary's Police helicopters can't fly as frequently as they should

because some of the pilots have left for better paying jobs.

The Calgary taxi commission stated that the reason it can take up to 3 hours to get a cab,

is a shortage of hundreds of drivers!

This situation has corrected itself a little during the most recent economic downturn

which caused a lot of temporary lay-offs even here in Calgary.

Of course the number of job vacancies is a moving target,

but I am sure you can see your opportunity contained in these numbers.


The Alberta Learning Information Service

for example has job listings by Industries in Alberta that will help you

to target specific areas of employment.

The site also links to Alberta job banks for information on full time, part time

and seasonal job opportunities both in the oil patch and elsewhere in the Province.

Add to this the the enormous amounts of information supplied by the

Ministry of Alberta Economic Development

which is especially helpful to potential immigrants who wish to move to Alberta.

This site will give you an idea of the tremendous shortage of skilled people that are required.

Yes--life is good in Alberta.

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