The Tips to Properly Staging Your Home When You Prepare Your Home to Sell

Charleston Homes For SaleThe open house is the best opportunity you have to put your best foot forward for the largest audience. Rather than having to prepare the house each time a realtor wants to show it, the open house is where potential buyers will be flooding the house all day long.

Here are a few tips from a sister site specializing in Charleston Homes for Sale, for staging the house so that it is irresistible for those looking for a house as you prepare your home to sell;

1. Pay a contractor to cut and edge the grass, trim the bushes, put down mulch, trim trees, plant flowers. All of these increase the curb appeal and make buyers fall in love before they walk in your front door.

2. Start putting all your clutter in storage off property. Rent a storage unit and get everything you are going to be moving out of the house. Never hide it in the garage because these potential buyers will be in the garage poking around too and they don’t want to see it stuffed.

3. Take down family pictures and start packing them away. The key here is allowing these folks to imagine them and their family in the house, not focusing on trying to not picture your family there.

4. Have the realtor place some cookies in the oven to serve your guests. The smell of those cookies will tickle the senses of your guests, like the smell they remember of grandmas house.

5. Have a professional cleaning service wash the windows, clean the carpeting, scrub the bathroom and kitchen tiles, and deodorize the house from room to room.

6. Clean the closets because people will be opening those doors and ruing to see if they are roomy enough.

7. Turn the lights on in every room in the house so the potential buyers are not struggling to look around. Turn on some soft music in the living room to set the mood, make it as homey as possible for your guests.

8. Make sure to have the driveway, sidewalk, fences, gutters, and exterior of the house power washed. This one cleaning treatment can literally transform the look of the house for the guests.

These are just a few of the ways that you can get more interest in your house during an open house. You have one shot with a first impression, and these tips will give you the best chance to make a buyer fall in love with your house and make an offer too.