The Importance of Website Design in Increasing Traffic

Wwebsite DesignWhen you are in a highly competitive niche and you feel that you are not getting a decent share of traffic, you might want to take a closer look at your website design to see if this could be the source of your trouble. While the website might be visually appealing to you, there are certain functionalities that are turning away your visitors before they even get the chance to interact with your content.

Consider making a few of these changes suggested by to the website design of your company to see a positive change in traffic.

The first thing to consider concerning your website design is not how the site looks, but how it looks to your visitors. While you might think you have everything front and center so when they arrive they see it all, your visitors might see a homepage crammed with too much content that leaves them confused and wanting to leave immediately. The first thing you must do on the homepage is remove the majority of the clutter.

Secondly, start moving the most relevant content on the homepage above the fold. This is your best information, things you want your readers to see first, and then as you go down the importance can lessen. Sign-up boxes, newsletter details, and promo codes, all should be in a spot a reader can see them without having to scroll too far.

Remove videos and animated banners from the home page and move them to their own section or pages on the website. The home page needs to be where your best content is showcased. Also, there should be a functioning navigation bar that gets your traffic to the content they need ion one click. If you sell bulk lot shirts, then once the traffic arrives, they should be able to click the navigation bar and find heat presses, bulk shirts, screen printing supplies, or instructional videos with one click.

Keywords are going to be the driving force that gets traffic to your website, so make sure each page of the site has content that surrounds that keyword. Don’t stuff all your keywords on every page, you will never get properly indexed. If the page is on heat presses, the content must be on heat presses only.

Even making one of these website design changes will show results, so focus on making as many as you can over a period of time and your traffic will certainly pick up.